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Lesson Summaries

Grammar skills - Helps students cope with troublesome points of English grammar.

Intermediate - Topics covered include: than and then, and it’s and its.

Advanced - Reviews concepts such as: plural of hyphenated words and agreement of subject and verb with indefinite pronouns.

Intermediate ESL - Topics covered include:past tense and possessive pronouns.

Advanced ESL - Covered concepts include: double negatives and superlative adjectives.

Writing mechanics - Helps students recognize troublesome points of writing.

Intermediate - Reviews concepts such as: punctuation, run-on sentences, and comma faults.

Advanced  - Topics covered include: faulty sentence structure, misplaced modifiers, and grammatical shifts.

Intermediate ESL - Covers areas such as: punctuation and capitalization and understand such confusing concepts as regular and irregular verbs.

Advanced ESL - Focuses on common errors in student's writing style.

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